DIY Luminizer

Ladies always ask me what’s the best way to look fresh-faced.  The easy answer is: wash your face like it’s your religion.  Exfoliate every now and then.  And moisturize.

But now that we’re entering spring, it’s time to add a little sun-kissed shine, too!

Today I’m sharing my super-secret personal recipe for custom luminizer.

You’ll need: organic castor oil (1 tbsp); organic coconut oil (1/2 tbsp); organic beeswax (1/2 tbsp); vitamin E (you can use the drugstore capsules, about 1/4 tsp); rosemary essential oil (1 drop); and eye-safe mica in the color of your choice (1/4 tsp).

  1. Clean your double boiler like you’ve never cleaned it before.
  2. Melt your castor, coconut, and beeswax over low-medium heat — should take about ten minutes (heat too fast and the consistency will be off).
  3. Add your vitamin E capsule and rosemary oil for another minute.
  4. Finally, stir in your mica until well-blended, one more minute.  And pour carefully into heat-safe container.  (I like to use a little glass dish.)

Voila!  Spring glam.  Dab onto skin at the corners of your eyes, onto your eyelids, or over your cheekbones for a gorgeous glow.

(The knock-your-socks-off shine isn’t reading at all above; check it out on the knife.)