Thanksgiving Eve, Five Times Removed

One holiday down.  Everyone’s left your house, the kitchen is almost clean again, and even the leftovers have mostly disappeared.

Tomorrow the big holiday begins in earnest.

I love December, with all its frivolously red and green sweaters and overplayed songs, but as much as I eat up all the shopping and gifting and holiday cocktail drinking, this year, I’m going to try to focus more on the gratitude, joy and generosity that also come with the holidays.

Let’s try to ignore the busy grinches grunting over sale prices and “it” products, and focus instead on taking care of our families and ourselves, so we can all put more cheer out there, and help others with all the energy we didn’t spend on competitive holiday angst.

In that spirit, for every Crude order in the month of December, we’re going to donate 20% of sales to my favorite NYC organization, City Harvest.